Saturday, April 14, 2007

We're Camper People!

YEA!! We are now officially camper people! We bought a tent camper today in Sioux Falls. (When my brother and sister and I were little, we had a Fisher Price camper with the little plastic people with the round bottoms, and we used to call them the "camper people.") I am so excited to call ourselves camper people now! It's not a fancy camper or anything, but it will be nice to drag it to muskie lakes and be able to sleep up off the ground (we used to tent camp.) Riley said "this is cool", so that's about as much excitement as we can get out of her at this age! Mas seemed to like all the windows and screens. I'm sure he will enjoy hanging out in there. It's pretty exciting stuff around here. I will post pictures once we actually have it home. They are putting on a new awning and getting some new tires on it for us. I think my dad would be proud we can go camping in a camper now.

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