Friday, April 13, 2007

Three thoughts....

1) Monster cookies are wayyyyyyyyyyy too good.
2) Does oatmeal in a cookie make it healthy?
3) How many monster cookies can a person eat before they're ill?

Hee hee!


FishMama said...

So, where's the recipe?

Monroegirl said...

HAHA! Here it is:
I usually make half of this recipe--you'll see why in a moment!
12 eggs
2 lbs. brown sugar
4 cups white sugar
1 TBLSP light Karo Syrup
8 tsp. soda
1 lb. butter
3 lbs. peanut butter
18 cups oatmeal (I use regular, not quick oats-I like meaty cookies)
1 lb. chocolate chips
1 lb. M & Ms
Mix together and bake at 350 until done. My really big cookies take around 17 minutes or so. Do not overbake. Enjoy!