Wednesday, April 11, 2007

rush, snow, teeth, the bowels of hell

That pretty much sums up the last few days. I spent about five hours total yesterday securing Rush tickets for Howard & Riley & I. The good news is, we managed to snag three tickets. The bad news is, they aren't great. One is a single, which is row 2 seat 1....won't be able to see much, but it's on the right side, so maybe Geddy will sweat on me or something! The other two seats are on the floor near the back, which stinks, but Riley will be able to see the screens, so that's good. This will be her first ever "real" concert, so I'm thrilled she will always be able to say it was Rush...unlike Howard and I, who have to say it was Bon Jovi opening for .38 Special at the Sioux Falls Arena. The plus side of that concert was, it was right when Slippery When Wet was out and Bon Jovi rocked the house. The down side was we discovered that .38 Special stunk live. (Later we discovered the same thing about REO Speedwagon...but, I digress.) It snowed here all day yesterday, so we now have a good 5 or more inches of snow on the ground, and it's still coming. Grrrr. Due to the lovely weather, and a two-hour late start, I had to cancel Mason's dentist appointment in Sioux Falls, which took a long time to even get. The good news is, we can get in two weeks from now. The bowel reference is to Mason and his lovely diarrhea at the moment; makes potty training a real treat. It is always fun to be reminded that corn doesn't digest, though. Sometimes a person isn't up close and personal to their own stool and they forget about fun little tidbits like that. The funny news on the potty training front is: yesterday I had put a pull-up on Mas after I saw he had diarrhea. I thought we'd give him a break from undies until the diarrhea had passed. Anywhoo, we went to the bathroom two hours later and his pull-up was dry, which is big. I put his underwear on then, with a pull-up over that, and his jeans. I was getting ready to have him stand up, and I was saying, "You were dry! What a big boy!" Then, he pointed up at the M & Ms insistently because whenever I say he's dry, he gets an M & M! Too funny! The young man knows how to get his chocolate. Strong work, my boy.

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