Friday, April 20, 2007

rebel tooth

Here's a few spooky little pictures of Mason's mouth...lovely images, eh? On the left side you'll see a big lump beside his other teeth...that's a rebel tooth that was supposed to stay quietly encapsulated up above the other teeth...but has decided to try to come down in the completely wrong place. Grrrr. We are headed to the dentist first thing Monday morning to see what they want to do with it. You'll see his messy nose, as well...sorry for that. I am wondering whether the tooth is encroaching upon his sinus cavity, as well, since he's had a runny nose since the tooth starting coming down. On an interesting side note, you can see the white line down the center of the roof his mouth...the ENT doc at birth told us that had only recently closed, and he was almost born with a cleft palate. (A big Whew! that it closed before birth!) I don't know if they'll pull that errant tooth, or what, but I'm sure Mas will feel better once it's no longer an issue. Poor kiddo! Say a little prayer that they can take care of it as easily and pain-free as possible.

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