Tuesday, March 27, 2007

people are strange...

Just got to thinking today about people and the things they say, and thought about trying to keep a log somewhere of all the strange things I hear in reference to our handicapped son. I realized I've already forgotten many of the best ones, but I could start keeping track of them now on this blog, and jot down the ones that happen and the ones that I remember from the past. Just a few weeks ago, while I was at a doctor's appointment, a nurse was talking to me about my son. She said, "Well, you are really lucky that you'll never have to worry about him driving." I said, "How's that?" She replied, "Well, you'll never have to worry about him being out on the road in bad weather, or driving after he's been drinking, or any of that." Isn't the human mind simply stunning in it's idiocy sometimes? Can you IMAGINE telling a parent to be thankful that their child will never do the normal things a teenager does? Why would that be something to celebrate? I'd much rather have him get picked up for a DUI someday or slide into the ditch than never be able to drive a car. I realized that day that truly, people with so-called "normal" children will never be able to understand what we are dealing with as we raise our son. As my husband just said a few nights ago, how could anyone possibly understand what we've been through with Mas? I think there are people that are very kind and would like to know, but in all honesty, unless you've been up for four hours during the night and had to change diapers for nine years and had people give you angry stares and never heard your child speak a single word, you have absolutely no idea what it is like to be the parent of a handicapped child. And, there's really no way to describe it. Of course, this lady wasn't trying to be mean, but it reminded me that no one can assume to know what someone else is going through at any particular point in their life. All we can do is be there and offer what support we can. My lesson: never assume what someone else's journey feels like for them. Just try to help keep them on the path.

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