Monday, February 5, 2007

Too cold for Frank....

Okay, even Frank couldn't keep up with me today. I went walking this morning for the four mile trek around town, and my iPod froze and quit working! Right in the middle of "Three Coins In The Fountain" by Frank Sinatra...Apparently,
7 Below is too cold for iPods, and Frank, just in case you were wondering. Here's a nice photo of eyelash icicles for ya. Man, I miss normal weather around here!


FishMama said...

Wow! I forgot how much you look like your dad! Those are definitely the same eyes.

I can't imagine life that cold. Here the coldest has been +3.

Monroegirl said...

Yeah, I guess I forget that sometimes, too. It has been sooooo crazy cold here. Colder than February usually is, anyway. Do you have snow on the ground?