Tuesday, February 27, 2007

5 Strings?!

Riley has a new bass to play with...lastnight we went to Guitar Center and bought her a five string bass. (Just one extra string to worry about!) She was a little excited, as you may be able to see by her picture. Of course, she's always busy trying to do the "rock pose", so you may not be able to tell how excited she is! Pretty funny to watch her trying out the bass with the pierced, long-haired goth punk wanna-be's who were in there with us. It was entertaining! She definitely likes it though; I could tell by waking up this morning and hearing her playing bass in the room below us!


Ryan G. "Colorado Cousin" said...

It looks like all we are missing is a drummer. We've got electric guitar, bass, and lead vocals already. :) Rock on!

Photo of the lead guitarist/ vocalist below. :P




Monroegirl said...

What a band that would be...all those Getskows! We would ROCK! Cool pics, Ryan! Nice to hear from you and thanks for sharing!