Friday, January 19, 2007

kids and snow

I was looking longingly out at the snow earlier today, reminded of a time when I would spend hours outside in my "snowmobile suit" and play in the snow. My brother and the other kids in town would make intricate tunnels, (back when we used to get enough snow to bother) and I would always worry about them caving in on them. I used to make snowmen, and later, snowhorses, and I would also line up icicles along snowbanks and then take pictures of them as the sun would set behind them. We used to sled a lot, too, on "real" hills; with enough slope and speed to do some serious damage to you if you didn't know how to navigate the foot bars on the wooden sled we had. I can remember snow being piled up well over my head along the sides of the road while we waited for the bus to pick us up. Now, I mainly view snow as pretty, but that's about it! What changes in us as adults, that we no longer view snow as "fun?" Maybe the addition of shoveling and driving in precarious conditions? Or, just the overall loss in our lives of viewing a fresh snowfall as magical...I'm glad we lived in an area that allowed for playing in the snow when we were young. I will always hold fond memories of that!

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