Wednesday, December 20, 2006

icky eye stuff

My son had a weird eye problem lastnight. No surprise there, that it would be a weird problem, since our family is fraught with weird health problems. Anywhoo, at supper I noticed his eye watering a little and saw that he had puffiness under his eye and the entire opening to his eye was a bit smaller than the other. When I pushed on the swollen part, fluid shot out of his tear duct....hmmmmm. I am hopeful it is just a clogged tear duct, for some reason. He also lost a tooth sometime yesterday, so I spent a few hours wondering if that tooth somehow ended up in his sinus cavity or something....yes, being a mother is full of interesting thoughts. So, I am waiting for him to wake up this morning so I can see how it looks. On an interesting side note, my daughter just found out she is allergic to the plastic in her contact lenses. Our eye doctor says he only sees it about 2-3 times per year. She has been without them for about three weeks now and is very grouchy because of it. Tomorrow is her appointment to see if she can wear them again. What's up with our eyes, anyway?! Enough, already!

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