Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Cookies....

It seems Christmas time is here. Isn't it funny how one bite of a Christmas cookie can just send you back in time? I love it! I had a chocolate kiss cookie the other day and felt like I was about 17 again...imagine! If only cookies were that powerful....sigh! I also find it interesting how most people will choose their cookie off a tray of assorted cookies based on what memories it holds, not whether or not it's their favorite taste. Taste and smell are such strong triggers for us of our past. I can remember my brother and I eating pieces of anise candy while standing outside on a cold South Dakota morning, waiting for the bus. Every time I taste that candy now, (ours was always red or green for the holidays) I feel my toes start to get colder, I think of mountainous snow drifts, and my mouth waters. It's not my favorite candy of all time, but just thinking about it gets my senses reeling. How cool is that?

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