Thursday, December 21, 2006

O, Tannenbaum...

Okay, Jess, you inspired me to post a picture of our tree. It is actually a hand-me-down tree from my sister's in-laws...our tree is also on a table to keep it out of Mason's reach. He just can't resist pulling off little Winnie-the-Pooh ornaments and holding them. This makes it a little harder to get to, at least. I have a lot of ornaments from the past; from my first piano teacher, from high school classmates, ones my daughter has made, etc. We have one string of lights that has six different options; my favorite being the fading option where it is entirely green, fades out to entirely red, etc. We have a fiber optic angel on the top. The Santas at the base of the tree were made by my mom and are very special to us. I hope you enjoy! On a funny note, the fallen bell ringer in the background is just one of many fatalities caused by having a severely handicapped son racing around during Christmas...or, as we lovingly refer to him, our little tornado! They are very neat bells; cycle through tons of Christmas carols and Riley and Mason were both captivated by them at some point during their young years.

icy morning

Well, there is no school for the kids today, as we have about 1/4" of ice covering every surface outside. They are predicting snow today as well, which could make for an interesting day. My daughter and I took pictures this morning to send in to the local news station. The wind is coming up now, which is bad news for the trees, which are coated in ice. Hopefully there won't be a lot of damage.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

true Christmas cards

Just once, I'd love to receive a Christmas card from someone that told me everything about their lives...the dog took a dump on their printer, they just scalded the roof of their mouth on some bad cocoa, the ups guy keeps stealing their packages, none of the lights on their tree are working, their kids are rotten and do poorly in know, the truth! Wouldn't it be fun? I used to threaten to send a letter like this out during the holidays....maybe I will have to do that sometime. I'm sure we'd all be more entertained! Perhaps people would feel less threatened to write their own Christmas letters if they read about someone else's miserable life! HA!


Why does food taste better when the weather is rotten? I have a theory that people in temperate climates never really go through big binging cycles like those of us stuck in blizzard country, because constant warm temps don't bring on the munchies like ice and snow. What do you think? (As I watch freezing rain hit my window....)

icky eye stuff

My son had a weird eye problem lastnight. No surprise there, that it would be a weird problem, since our family is fraught with weird health problems. Anywhoo, at supper I noticed his eye watering a little and saw that he had puffiness under his eye and the entire opening to his eye was a bit smaller than the other. When I pushed on the swollen part, fluid shot out of his tear duct....hmmmmm. I am hopeful it is just a clogged tear duct, for some reason. He also lost a tooth sometime yesterday, so I spent a few hours wondering if that tooth somehow ended up in his sinus cavity or something....yes, being a mother is full of interesting thoughts. So, I am waiting for him to wake up this morning so I can see how it looks. On an interesting side note, my daughter just found out she is allergic to the plastic in her contact lenses. Our eye doctor says he only sees it about 2-3 times per year. She has been without them for about three weeks now and is very grouchy because of it. Tomorrow is her appointment to see if she can wear them again. What's up with our eyes, anyway?! Enough, already!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes...

Great comment heard while I was helping with the band's Christmas concert last Sunday: (from a 5th grade trombone player...) "Is Feliz Navidad from Taco Bell?" Hmmm....I think it was from the pre-Taco Bell era! TOO funny!

Christmas Cookies....

It seems Christmas time is here. Isn't it funny how one bite of a Christmas cookie can just send you back in time? I love it! I had a chocolate kiss cookie the other day and felt like I was about 17 again...imagine! If only cookies were that powerful....sigh! I also find it interesting how most people will choose their cookie off a tray of assorted cookies based on what memories it holds, not whether or not it's their favorite taste. Taste and smell are such strong triggers for us of our past. I can remember my brother and I eating pieces of anise candy while standing outside on a cold South Dakota morning, waiting for the bus. Every time I taste that candy now, (ours was always red or green for the holidays) I feel my toes start to get colder, I think of mountainous snow drifts, and my mouth waters. It's not my favorite candy of all time, but just thinking about it gets my senses reeling. How cool is that?
My blog title is in reference to my brother and sister, who used to constantly say, "Look, Laurie, Look!" when I was little. Being the baby of the family, I was the easy one to grab to watch them do things. I have enjoyed reading my family's blogs and thought it might be time to try it myself. As we hunker down for a major winter storm here in SW Minnesota, I thought this might be a good time to start. Of course, I may only get one blog done and decide that's enough! We'll see over time how this works for me.